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Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation (MoIFAR) with the support of FCA was organized a two-day stakeholder consultation workshop in Mogadishu on 8th 9-th August 202 that took place at Royal Palace Hotel. It convened key stakeholders to discuss and provide input on the development process of NRF strategic communication plan. The Workshop brings together all relevant key stakeholders to provide input and set the tone and direction for the development of NRF communication strategy so that all communication activities, products, and materials work in harmony to achieve the desired result. The workshop also aimed the participants to identify the key target audience, communication channels, key massages, achievements, gaps, and challenges in efforts to the national reconciliation process.

The Stakeholder consultation workshop brought together a total of 40 participants (Male: %70 percentage; and Female: %30 percentage) from a wide range of relevant stakeholders across four federal Member states and Benadir regional Administrations (BRA) who have dealt with directly and indirectly of National Reconciliation Framework (NRF) and in their respective communities and friends.

The aim of the consultation workshop is to engage and receive input from the all- relevant stakeholders, program managers, and communication specialists, work closely with relevant stakeholders and partners, including all the Federal Member States “FMS’s” and Benadir Region Authority “BRA,” civil society organization, NGO’s, youth, women, elders and traditional leaders to develop the communication strategy. Participation of individuals and groups directly affected by the problem is critical. Their active involvement from the start not only increase program impact and lead to long-term sustainability but will ensure that they feel consulted and have ownership of the strategy.

The Consultation process of the NRF key stakeholders is a vital step to ensure the active participant involvement in the formation process not only increases the program›s productivity for the long-term objectives and sustainability but will ensure the stakeholders feel consulted and have ownership of the strategy. For that reason, this was to sensitize the NRF/NRP document to the participants, distribute skeleton and five pillars of the program to recognize their communication role and where they can contribute a lot as well as propagate message of peace and reconciliation.

Finally, before the DG came to the stage the facilitator welcomed second Mr. Abdulrahim Jabiin Farah, MoIFAR – Director of Reconciliation department spoke at length about the importance of reconciliation and peace-building and the need for an integrated strategic communication plan.

Lastly, the director of Abdirahim welcomed the Director-General of the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs, and reconciliation; in his opening remarks welcomed all participants for their time and effort to be part of the success story of the NRP project. He hoped that all participants benefit from the workshop and the information that MoIFAR experts will share about developing a strategic communication plan on the implementation of NRP and NRF.

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