National Local Governance Capacity Development Policy.

Ministry of Interior Federal Affairs and Reconciliation of the Federal Government of Somalia organized a two-day workshop on National Local Governance Coordination Meeting which held 13th and 14th of June, 2021 in Jazeera Palace Hotel Mogadishu, Somalia gathering in all local government stakeholders both Government and Implementing Partners as well as donor representatives. All the technical teams of government led by the Director Generals – DGs from the FGS, FMS and BRA attended the meeting which allowed for sharing good practices, progresses achieved, ongoing efforts, plans, challenges and way forward within the Somali local governance. The coordination meeting helped to make presentations on the above mentioned areas with comments, questions and answers. The meeting was two full days “one day for the government discussion only and one day for all the local government stakeholders”. Though the meeting was not held for while almost two years for many reasons mainly was covid19 pandemics, the meeting was very productive, fruitful and informative which had presentations of both Government and implementing partners along brilliant discussion based on previous challenges, lessons learnt and way forward for the future progress. Number of action points were addressed the 1st day of the meeting (Government institutions).

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