Minister message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Federal Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation. This website is designed to optimize the e-governance through service delivery to the public visibility and increase transparency about the Ministry’s activities.

Our priority agenda include the national reconciliation process, stabilization, durable solution, migration, election, federalism, and good governance. As Somalia is at a pivotal moment in modern history, developing at a rapid peace. We must ensure that good governance is sustainable with a decentralized mechanism in place, guaranteeing a more prosperous future for our citizens.

Through the National Reconciliation and Wadajir frameworks, we will vigorously pursue an innovative agenda for Somalia that will help improve overall governance to achieve a long-lasting peace for all.

In the coming years, we are confident that Somalia will reap the dividends of the peacebuilding processes as spearheaded by the Ministry while deepening democratic and rule of law-based values in our system. The Ministry is constantly mobilizing resources to improve the lives of citizens with a focus on people-oriented policies, regulations and responsive administrations

With that, the Ministry will continue forging closer partnerships with all federal institutions, federal member states and international partners as we promote a more enduring and inclusive government of the people.

This website will provide updates from day-to-day activities and services to our citizens in line with the priorities and overall government agenda as outlined in the Prime Minister’s vision, His Excellency Mohamed Hussein Roble.

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