The Minister of the Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, His Excellency Ahmed Moallim Fiqi, today met with members of the Independent Commission on Borders and Federalism (IBFC) at the MoIFAR office. The newly appointed Chairman Abukar Sheikh Abdi Ibrahim’s committee shared their work plans, progress and challenges.

His Excellency Ahmed Moallim Fiqi welcomed the newly elected chairman and members of the Commission and expressed his commitment under his leadership to empowering the mandate of the Independent Commission of Boundaries and Federalism and their mission to protect the borders of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The minister commended the Commission for protecting Somalia’s borders and resolving disputes arising from internal boundaries.
The Independent Boundaries and Federalism Commission is one of the umbrella agencies that fall under the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation.

Their mandate is to assist the Federal Government in managing the boundaries of the regional and district administrations, resolving disputes related to border issues and establishing the regional administrations in the country.

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