Final Senior Reconciliation Advisor ToR

Terms of Reference: Senior Technical Reconciliation Advisor,
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To support Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs, and Reconciliation
(MoIFAR) of Somalia on the Implementation of the National Reconciliation Framework/Process

Principal duties
• Support the Somali government, esp. MoIFAR on the implementation of the National
Reconciliation Framework and National Reconciliation Process, including in planning,
reporting, monitoring and evaluation.
• Coordinate and liaise with different actors and stakeholders of the NRF/NRP, and act as a
focal point between MoIFAR and FCA/NETW.
• Provide FCA and NETW regular updates on National Reconciliation sectoral issues and its
status and developments in Somalia in order FCA and NETW gain a better and more
comprehensive understanding of the reconciliation related issues and opportunities.
• Build the capacities of the Reconciliation Unit within MoIFAR in policy planning and design,
as well as strategizing and implementation i.e. national frameworks/ and road maps.
• Help FCA and NETW identify contacts in relevant ministries in Somalia and facilitate
communication, coordination and collaboration with these contacts.
• Provide recommendations on programmatic activities related to reconciliation to FCA and
NETW, and to link recommendations to the existing / developing MoIFAR plans on
• Promote alignment between Somali peacebuilding and reconciliation strategies, policies
and initiatives, and the international partners supporting Somalia’s peacebuilding process.
• Liaise with Somali civil society working in peacebuilding and reconciliation i.e. by providing
advisory and enhancing cooperation.


Support MoIFAR technically in the implementation of the National Reconciliation
Framework/Process in Somalia, including the following:

• Supporting MoIFAR by facilitating the implementation of the National Reconciliation
Framework/Process, and help MoIFAR and Federal Member States’ (FMSs) authorities to
conceptualize, develop implementation modalities, approaches and tools that are aimed to
implement National Reconciliation Process in Somalia through consultative, participatory
and inclusive process in line with the developed NRF

• Assessing the level, capacities and needs in MoIFAR related to the implementation of the
National Reconciliation Process plans and activities;

• Support MoIFAR reconciliation team/department and develop systems and tools that
enhance its capacity to implement, coordinate, monitor and evaluate NRF/NRP

• Support to design and implementation of project-related local reconciliation initiatives and

• Facilitating and participating in meetings between FCA/NETW and the Somali government
authorities on issues related to reconciliation efforts;

• Liaising and reaching out to Somali Federal Member States and donor community on
reconciliation related themes and actions;

• Together with MoIFAR leadership, negotiating with relevant national and international
counterparts on issues related to reconciliation;
• Preparing concept notes for the proposed activities, as well as reporting and providing

recommendations and findings throughout the process.
• Support to end-of-project evaluations and any other support needed.

Competence and experience required:

• Ability to assess and upgrade skills and needs among MoIFAR’s civil servants;
• Strong capabilities in organizing policy frameworks (including structure design and strategy

• Experience in working in fragile and conflict contexts, especially where recurrent conflicts

• Master’s degree in Social Sciences or equivalent;
• Proven ability to work independently and in co-operation with different stakeholders in

international and Somali context;
• Extensive knowledge of the Somali context, culture and FCA/NETW programmes in the

country is desirable;
• More than seven years’ experience in the field of reconciliation, conflict resolution, peace

building, negotiation skills, forgiveness, reintegration, rehabilitation sectors;
• Ability to contribute to FCA and NETW programme and project planning, implementation,

MEAL and reporting.
• Ability to conduct independent research and analysis;
• Previous experience working with INGO and public institutions.
• Language skills: Somali and English


• This is a continuation of a consultancy assignment, which will technically facilitate the
implementation of the NRF and produce as concrete output of an enhanced, well adopted
National Reconciliation Process plan in Somalia;

• Mapping reconciliation related project and cooperation opportunities for FCA/NETW
interventions as well as identifying future collaboration and capacity building areas for FCA
and NETW;

• Enabling FCA Somalia Country Team and NETW to provide National Reconciliation related
recommendations for decision making and funding;

• Allowing FCA Somalia Country Team and NETW to deliver a high quality reconciliation and
peace work related project initiatives and proposal to donor community.

Expected Deliverability

• Contribution to the planning, revisions of the project activities, provide strategic advice to
the project implementation in regard to the reconciliation and the potential synergy for
governance components.

• Follow up and development NRF/NRP implementation plan together with MoIFAR
• Compile and ensure NRP documents are gathered and uploaded to the NRF website.
• Quarterly consultancy report
Application Process

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