The Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, His Excellency Ahmed Moallim Fiqi thanked Somalia’s traditional elders for their role in Somalia’s stabilisation and state-building efforts. The Minister urged them to join the government’s efforts in fighting extremism and promoting peace.


Speaking during a forum with the traditional elders in Mogadishu, H.E Ahmed Moallim Fiqi expressed that elders have been the backbone of Somali society and have immeasurably contributed to all aspects of our nation building.

The role of traditional elders is self-evident. In the last 20 or more years, they stood as the pillars of the state in selecting members of parliament and institutional development either directly or indirectly,” the minister said.


The minister also urged the elders to come up with reconciliation initiatives and the government will support implementing them, adding that it was time for the elders to take action against the insecurity facing the country.


There are some among us who don’t want reconciliation, who are killing people, cutting off parts of our country and killing elders.

The Minister said. “I have records indicating that out of 135 elders (registered by government for elections) 29 have been killed and 320 other elders have also been killed.”
Minister Fiqi added, “We cannot wait until 1000 elders are killed, we must act now and we need your support to do that.” Fiqi further noted that the government’s vision statement which underscores a Somalia at Peace with itself and the World requires the participation of our traditional elders in actualizing it.


Speaking in the same forum, State Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, H.E Ilyas Hassan echoed Minister Fiqi’s statements on the role of the traditional elders. “Elders are the backbone of Somalia’s state-building efforts and promised to help them succeed in their role of peace-building and stabilisation.”

On the other hand, Somalia’s traditional elders who spoke during the forum pledged their support to the government in championing peace efforts and stability. “Thank you for this initiative and for empowering the elders. The role of the elders has been neglected and is needed now more than ever. We pledge our support to our government in their mission to liberate the country,” elder Mohamed Hassan Haad from Mogadishu said.


On his part, Ugaas Mohamed Bashir further affirmed the elders’ support, noting, “We will work with the government, we are not going to wait until they kill us in our houses. We will work on all sides with the government to make sure that the work of the ministry reaches Zeyla, Raas Kamboni to Raas Aseyr.


Ugas Hilolwe Maalim said that the ‘stability of Mogadishu is the stability of the whole country.’ He added that there was an urgent need to reinforce the stabilisation of Mogadishu and Hir-Shabelle. He further urged security officials to familiarize themselves with their areas of jurisdiction to effectively handle security challenges that arise.

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