About the Ministry

The Ministry of Interior & Federal Affairs and Reconciliation (MOIFAR) is mandated Completing Federalism, stabilisations, Implementing long-term decentralisation strategic polices for local governance and conducting comprehensive reconciliation process and Preparing-and steering democratic elections in 2025 that goes beyond the existing clan-based power-sharing political system.  

In addition, (MoIFAR) is a key member of the Durable Solutions Secretariat and prioritizes achievement of sustainable durable solutions for returnees, IDPs and affected hosting communities as is laid out in the country’s National Development Plan (NDP) and Social Development Road Map. It provides strategic direction, policy development guidance and coordination of all implementations across the Federal Member States (FMS) and Banadir Regional Administration (BRA).

MoIFAR is also responsible coordination between the ministry, Federal Member States (FMS) and Banadir Regional Administration (BRA). By virtue of that it persistently creating legislations and policies that aim to enhance institutional capacity development.

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